Comparison: Zaviar Firearms vs Daniel Defense

Comparison: Zaviar Firearms vs Daniel Defense

Posted by Charles E on Jul 6th 2021

     Yes, you read that correctly. We are comparing our Zaviar Z-15 to Daniel Defense's DDM4. However, before you jump to any conclusions, don't think that we are by any means going to discuss in this article how our AR-15s are superior to Daniel Defense's; a high end company who has their cheapest AR-15 priced at $1,798.00 at the time of writing this article. We are just asking you to consider: "Is the price difference worth it to me?"

   As you can see from the above Venn Diagram, there may be more in common between our ARs and Daniel Defense's ARs than you think. This comparison was done between our most basic 15" MLOK 16" Barrel 5.56 weapon, as well as theirs. There are sources that you may read (some listed below) that inform you of a few advantages Zaviar may have. These sources will tell you that Cerakoting is the superior finish over Anodizing, due to it being slicker and therefore reducing the coefficient of friction and causing less wear and tear on the internals of your rifle. Also, a Nitride finished BCG typically has the edge in smoothness and hardness as well as needing less lubricant to run properly versus a Phosphate finish. Also, many of the advantages Daniel Defense holds have affordable alternatives available on our website, such as upgraded pistol grips and a vertical grip.

     So, you must consider: is having the few extra bells and whistles such as having your BCG chrome lined, having a heavier buffer weight, and a few more included extras that can be had at an affordable price worth the extra $1,218.00 to you? Well, that's for you to decide. Here's a picture of our $579.99 AR that will link you to the option to purchase. Check it out while you think about it.

Our $579.99 AR-15